B&J Fiberglass

B&J Fiberglass / Jabberwocky Composites LLC is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Bellingham, Washington, community for more than 30 years. At B&J Fiberglass our goal is to improve the recreational lives of our customer. We take pride in our services and on being able to accomplish any task put before us.

We are dedicated to quality craftsmanship and personalized service. Clients appreciate our commitment to quality. We have endeavored to exceed our clients’ expectations and as a result have built many lasting relationships.

We have an on-site store for retail and wholesale fiberglass materials.

We offer custom fabrication for your needs.

Our fiberglass repair ranges from motorcycles, cars, trucks, RVs, kayaks, canoes, boats, including any general to custom fiberglass repairs.

We specialize in custom paint tailored to your individual need from small scratches, to full paint. We supply classic paint jobs to restore those treasured memories to full custom jobs including flames, realistic flames, ghost flames, pin stripe, murals, graphic wood paint, and general paint or graphics.

Expert color matching and repair techniques, combined with the use of quality materials, helps B&J Fiberglass to produce some of the finest repairs in the industry.

For more information about our products and services, please contact us directly by telephone or stop by our shop in Bellingham, Washington.

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B&J Fiberglass / Jaberwocky Composites LLC
(360) 398-9342
Monday thru Friday  8:00 Am to 4:30 PM
1005 C Street, Building F
Bellingham, WA 98225

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